Causes and treatment of psoriasis of the scalp ( + photos )

Category Papulosquamous Violations | August 20, 2016 23:13

Contents: Etiology Clinical forms of psoriasis treatment of psoriasis of the scalp Psoriasis - a chronic dermatosis of multifactorial nature, which is characterized by hyperproliferative processes keratinization disorder and inflammation in the dermis, the changes in the internal org...

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Symptoms , Causes and Treatment of pink depriving a person ( + photos )

Category Papulosquamous Violations | August 19, 2016 23:13

Contents: Causes symptoms Diagnosis and treatment of pink lichen Treatment folk remedies Pink zoster (also known Gibert's disease) relates to dermatological diseases infectious-allergic origin, occurring as ain men and women aged 20-40 years.The disease is characterized by lesion...

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Psoriasis : Symptoms , Causes and Treatment ( + photos )

Category Papulosquamous Violations | August 17, 2016 23:10

Contents: reasons disease symptoms Stage psoriasis Diagnosis and treatment Under psoriasis refers to a chronic dermatosis characterized by the appearance of scaly papular skin rash, accompanied by itching.It occurs in 2% of the population, mostly in the age of 20-25 years, but in r...

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Causes, symptoms and treatment of lichen planus ( + photos )

Category Papulosquamous Violations | August 14, 2016 23:10

Contents: Causes and risk depriving Symptoms and signs Treatment depriving Lichen planus is often a chronic disease.Its nature is not completely installed.However, it is seen its relationship with many internal diseases.For successful treatment of the disease it is helpful to underst...

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Psoriasis of the nails on the hands and feet : Symptoms and Treatment ( + photos )

Category Papulosquamous Violations | August 12, 2016 23:10

Contents: Causes Types of nail infections How to distinguish the disease? symptoms of psoriasis Nail Psoriasis Treatment Rules for psoriasis Nail psoriasis - a chronic non-infectious disease, which is characterized by undulating course.He brings a lot of inconvenience in terms o...

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Treatment of psoriasis folk remedies

Category Papulosquamous Violations | August 11, 2016 23:09

Contents: What is psoriasis? Recipes of traditional medicine Psoriasis - a dangerous non-communicable diseases.Manifestations of psoriasis affect the nervous, immune and endocrine systems.For more information, see the article "Psoriasis." What is psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic dise...

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Causes , Symptoms and Treatment of pink depriving children

Category Papulosquamous Violations | August 06, 2016 23:08

Contents: How to recognize a child's pink zoster Why do children appear pink zoster How to treat a child's pink zoster As a rule, any rashes on children's skin, especially herpes, cause parents a stronganxiety.Many are beginning to panic, wondering what shingles is dangerous, where i...

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