Stages and treatment of pressure sores on his heels and buttocks

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 22, 2016 23:12

Contents: Causes of pressure sores Where most often occur bedsores Stages of pressure sores Methods of treatment of bedsores Drugs for How to avoid bedsores Bedsores - a dead areas of soft tissue,which are formed as a result of circulatory disorders and conduct nerve impulses, ...

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The causes of red spots on the body ( skin )

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 21, 2016 23:14

Contents: stress and dysregulation of the nervous system Allergic reactions Infectious Diseases Autoimmune diseases Numerous medical studies have confirmed the postulate that the state of a person's skin and general state of health is closely linked - atmany diseases of the body on...

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Causes and treatment of white spots on the skin ( the body )

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 21, 2016 23:14

Contents: Why there are white spots on the body Fungal infection reasons unrelated to infections appearance of white spots on the body necessarily becomes a manifestation of the pathological process, localized in the skin or affecting internal organs and human systemsthe body, so the...

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Use ointments from bedsores ( which is better , effective )

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 20, 2016 23:13

reason for the development of pressure ulcers are severe sensitivity disorders, blood circulation and thermoregulation, which inevitably arise in the body of a person suffering from serious illnesses.The risk of bedsores is many times increased by immobility of the patient and the possibility ...

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Symptoms, causes and treatment of lupus

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 19, 2016 23:13

Contents: Causes Symptoms of lupus Treatment of lupus Systemic lupus erythematosus is characterized by inadequate production of antibodies in the human body.Instead of the body's immune system fighting bacteria and viruses, penetrating into the body, it begins to produce antibodies a...

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Vasculitis - Symptoms , Causes and Treatment ( + photos )

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 18, 2016 23:14

Contents: Causes and Symptoms photo disease diagnosis and treatment of vasculitis Prevention The term "vasculitis" refers to a group of diseases, which are accompanied by inflammation of the blood vessel walls.In several disease affected tissues and organs: organ blood flow is dist...

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Red moles on the body : causes, symptoms and treatment

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 16, 2016 23:02

Contents: Causes of Red Moles Types moles Symptoms of red birthmarks Treatment of red birthmarks The body of each person is located quite a large number of moles, having different shapes and sizes.Most of them do not pose much of a threat, and are benign tumors, but some may still ...

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Dry corns on the feet : Causes and Treatments

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 15, 2016 23:11

Contents: causes of calluses How to identify dry corn Treatment of corns calluses Prevention CORN called dense overgrowth limited upper leather ball that is pressed into her field of frequent pressure and friction.Since there is the pressure of the weight of chapped skin on the ner...

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If dark spots on the face : the causes of , treatment and disposal

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 13, 2016 23:10

Contents: Causes skin pigmentation Types age spots Treatment age spots Brown spots often appear in women than in men.Typically, these spots are not dangerous to humans, but it is worth to consider them as a possible malfunction of the body.Women older than 40 years more likely to suf...

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Causes and treatment of vitiligo .Folk remedies ( + photos )

Category Other Skin Diseases | August 10, 2016 23:10

Contents: Causes Vitiligo Diagnostics symptoms of vitiligo Treatment of vitiligo Folk remedies for the treatment of vitiligo vitiligo (piebald skin leykopatiya, Pes) - one of the most mysterious diseases, which is reflected inviolation of pigmentation of the skin - or rather, the...

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