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Astigmatism : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of astigmatism in children

Category The Muscles Of The Eye, And Traffic Violation | August 04, 2016 23:12

Contents: How to detect astigmatism? Types astigmatism Features occurrence of astigmatism in children Causes of astigmatism in children symptoms of astigmatism in children Treatment of astigmatism in children Prevention astigmatism In ophthalmology there is a disorder characte...

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Glaucoma : symptoms, causes and treatment .Surgery for Glaucoma

Category Visual Disturbances And Blindness | August 03, 2016 23:12

Contents: Causes Glaucoma forms and basic signs of glaucoma Diagnosis Glaucoma Treatment Translated from the Greek "glaucoma" means "green color of the sea."The first mention of diseases related to the 5th century BCThere they were in the works of Hippocrates.A more modern interpre...

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Symptoms and treatment of optic nerve atrophy

Category Disorders Of Optic Nerve | August 03, 2016 23:12

Contents: reasons atrophy Classification atrophy and symptoms Diagnostics atrophy of the optic nerve atrophy treatment Prevention atrophy of the optic nerve belongs to a class of serious ophthalmic diseases associated with a decrease in the patient's visual function.The disease c...

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Myopia in Children : Symptoms , Causes and Treatment

Category Diseases Of The Eyeball | August 02, 2016 23:10

Contents: Variety, forms and degrees of children's myopia Causes myopia How to recognize a child's myopia Treatment of myopia Prevention of myopia According to WHO, today is quite a significant percentage of the child population suffers from myopia.Most likely, this is due to the...

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Symptoms and causes of cataract surgery for cataract

Category Diseases Of The Eye And Adnexa | August 02, 2016 23:10

Contents: Classification and causes disease Symptoms of cataract Treatment of cataract Cataract - a disease which is characterized by a gradual clouding of the lens, loss of transparency, thereby reducing visual acuity.In most cases, the disease occurs in the elderly and is the res...

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Symptoms and treatment of blepharitis ( + traditional treatments )

Category Disorders Of Eyelid Lacrimal System And Orbit | August 01, 2016 23:10

Contents: Types Symptoms of blepharitis treatment of blepharitis Folk remedies treat blepharitis called large group of diseases, the characteristic feature of which is an inflammation of the eyelid edge.Pathology is prone to relapse, it is chronic, leading to reduced efficiency, ...

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