Symptoms and treatment of atherosclerosis of the lower extremities

Category Diseases Of Arteries And Capillaries | August 13, 2016 23:10

Contents: symptoms Causes Atherosclerosis Treatment of Atherosclerosis largest vessel in the human body - the abdominal aorta.It carries blood from the heart to the lower extremities.This vessel is divided into the iliac arteries, which then pass into the femoral, popliteal arteries ...

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Raynaud's Syndrome : Symptoms , Causes and Treatment

Category Diseases Of Arteries And Capillaries | August 04, 2016 23:12

Contents: version of the origin of the disease What contributes to the development of the syndrome Stages and symptoms Treatment of Raynaud's syndrome Raynaud's syndrome refers to vasospastic diseases.It is characterized by paroxysmal poor circulation in the peripheral blood vess...

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Cerebral atherosclerosis : symptoms , clinical nutrition and diet

Category Diseases Of Arteries And Capillaries | August 03, 2016 23:12

Contents: pattern of pathology Symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis therapeutic nutrition and diet name of this pathology is translated from Greek as "slurry to seal" and exactly conveys its essence: the formation of the seal fociblood vessels. Atherosclerosis is one of the most ...

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Rosacea on the face : the symptoms , causes and treatment

Category Diseases Of Arteries And Capillaries | August 02, 2016 23:10

Contents: symptoms of rosacea reasons rosacea Methods for treating rosacea creams and ointments from rosacea Some tend to believe rosacea just a cosmetic defect, but in fact it is quite a serious disease, which essentiallyIt is in violation of the microcirculation of the blood due ...

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