Diet in diabetes : the forbidden and permitted foods

Category Diabetes | August 07, 2016 23:07

Contents: products banned in diabetes products authorized in diabetes diabetes in the world today is one of the most common diseases of the endocrine system - when it occurs on a background of absolute (for Type 1)or relative (for type 2) insulin deficiency there are complex disorders ...

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Type 2 diabetes : symptoms , complications and treatment

Category Diabetes | August 05, 2016 23:10

Contents: reasons for non-insulin dependent diabetes Symptoms of type 2 diabetes diagnosis of non-insulin diabetes Treatment of diabetes type 2 Complications of insulin-dependent diabetes type 2 diabetes(another name - insulin-dependent diabetes), or SD II , - a metabolic disord...

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Insulin shock ( hypoglycemic coma ) : Symptoms , Causes and Treatment

Category Diabetes | August 01, 2016 23:10

Contents: Symptoms Causes Treatment First Aid Insulin shock - a condition which is characterized by reduction of blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and an increase of insulin - a hormone produced by the pancreas.This pathological state is required to develop diabetes mellitus. In a health...

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