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How to treat myopia in adults

Category Ophthalmology | August 02, 2016 23:10

Contents: Causes of no drug treatment Medication Surgical One of the most eye pathologies encountered is myopia.People with this defect see well up close, but hard to detect objects at a distance. How to treat myopia in adults? In this disease gradually decreased visual ac...

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How to treat myopia in children

Category Ophthalmology | August 01, 2016 23:10

Contents: mechanism of Myths about myopia drops myopia preparations with bilberry extract Points - it's forever Current treatments Prevention of myopia Statistics showthat the vast majority of people are born with hyperopia (good sight distance and near poor).In the future...

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Symptoms of ocular pressure in men and women

Category Ophthalmology | August 01, 2016 15:11

Contents: General Elevated IOP low IOP Norma eye pressure requires constant hydration for normal functioning of the organs of vision.Optimal intraocular pressure - the second indicator of the importance of eye health. His breach capable of causing the unpleasant symptoms of o...

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